Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some Come, Some Go

A couple drove up Friday to drop off some things and to have there place opened up for the season. They left this morning to return about mid May. A nieghbor of mine from Tucson pulled in today and will stay until Oct.

We had a few hours of very warm temps today I believe it reached 82 but it doesn't stay warm for long and then a cool soft breeze came in.
It will cool down some this coming week and we may get some rain on Wed.

I found my Azalea's today they are so pretty. I will take pictures of them tomorrow.

I need to go shopping again tomorrow as I find things I forgot to buy. I will stop at Rainbow Lake on the way home to see what is going on there. 

Set up the little water fountain on the porch today and spent some time sitting out there relaxing and playing with Fred.

Here are more pictures I took yesterday.

I was standing on the other side in the spot where the dead tree is when I took the picture of the dock.

If we get the rain on Wed. this little stream will turn into a cascading water fall as it moves down the hill.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Nice setting, love the pictures.

  2. Weather was perfect here, today. I'm trying to pretend that we don't have a long, hot, humid, and buggy summer ahead.

    Azaleas have long since come and gone, here. Have some pretty roses and lilies in the front yard.

    I love your pictures, too--very pretty place to be.

  3. You sure did pick a nice area. And even horses! Now that is my kind of place.

  4. Hi John,
    Thanks for your comment. I just love it here.

    Hello Nancy,
    When you have nice days you can almost forget the humid ones to come. The bugs on the other hand?
    Glad you like my pictures.

    Think cool and dry. :)

    Hello Phyllis,
    Yes there are lots of hourse around this area. With lots of Pines and Oak trees. Of course I don't think I would love it all that much once the snows came.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  5. What kind of wild life is there? Around that lake, has to be some. I live just over a hill top from the river, and i love seeing wildlife here. Like foxes, deer, feral hogs, that kind of thing. O yeah, coons, possums.

  6. Great pictures, jealous a bit here! :)


  7. Hello Erik,
    Thank you. Don't be jealous you will get out soon. You and Ronda just have had a rough patch.