Friday, April 27, 2012

Sun Is Back

Today was a nice sunny day, temps around 68.
More humming birds came to the feeder. I put out the other
feeder around the side by the porch. They will fight anyway
but maybe one will get to drink before the bully get there. I
also put up another seed feeder and another suet cake. 

I will have to clean the windows again as the rain and pine
sap have made them dirty again. Its hard to see the birds at
the feeders.

Didn't do much today. Did run out to get the news paper so I
can have the TV guide. I also picked one up for my friend.

A few more people pulled in today. They cleaned off the roofs
 and took down there widow coverings. 1 or 2 pulled in with
 rigs. I guess by the first more will come. right now its still

Maybe tomorrow I will take pictures but it is Saturday and the
parks are always full of people playing.

In any event have a great weekend.

The yellow flowers are returning

The bottom of the park last fall. the car to the left of the picture is not yet here.


  1. Looks like our beautiful yellow flowers now.
    I'll post a link to the site i use for tv line up on my post shortly. That way it's always there.

  2. Hi Trouble,
    I don't even know why I bother with a TV guide I don't watch much TV and use it for the noise. hmmmm wonder why I don't just turn on the radio.

  3. I have my tv on all the time too! The flowers are pretty, there's some acreage down the road that has lots of yard art (including 3 art cows) on it. They left it grow to allow the yellow flowers. So pretty!