Sunday, April 29, 2012

So Many Trees

I finally did the dreaded laundry this morning. I
had 4 loads. But at least it all gets done at the
same time. I came home and had breakfast and
we went for a walk. I got everything put away and
decided to take a drive.
 I needed gas so I drove up to the Casino but the
 gas was a few cents more than it was closer to home. But it was a nice day and I stopped in one
 of my favorite stores.
 And found the groomers new location. Also found
 the place the Burly Bear will be opening their new
 store since the other location had been set on fire. I
I am happy to see them coming back.

Blogger is being a pain in the neck tonite. So I will
post some pictures of the trees that seem very healthy this year.

The Elk statue was at the entrance to resort of some kind. I just thought it was neat.

Hope you all had a great weekend


  1. Oh I want to hit the highway - the pics make it soooo inviting. Sounds like a decent day for you today.

  2. With all those trees Fred should be happy for the entire summer.

  3. Hi Cyn,
    You should be on your way soon. I sure hope so.

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Hello John,
    Yes he is. Its almost impossible to get a good exercise walk in with all the stop and smells.

  4. My blogger is making me nutso also. A message keeps popping up when I try to leave a comment on a blog asking if I want to make money on the blog. When I try to go out of it, it reverts back to my blog. I then have to go back into the other bloggers comment section again. I am with you ---- leave us alone!

  5. Hi Phyllis,
    I haven't run into that one yet. But when I try to go back to fix something or change it I can't get there. Why OH Why don't they leave things alone.

    Thank you for coming by today.

  6. You can't find Edit for your blog? I also use that little pencil looking thingy on the bottom of it, just clic on it.
    Keep on with the pics,,loveeee them.

  7. The trees sure do look like they are doing well!

    Glad the weather is holding good for you. Makes those necessary walks all the more fun!

  8. Hi Trouble,
    the problem was before I published it, I couldn't get the curser to go back where I wanted it to go.

    Hello Jim,
    Yes the weather is great for walking. And the trees look better than they did last year. Hope it stays this way.

    Glad you both stopped by today.