Monday, April 30, 2012


I mentioned meeting another solo camper in the RV Park
 the other day. So as Fred and I walked I thought I would stop
at her place to see what was up. Her cat was at the door until
she spotted Fred and moved back. Liz wasn't home so we
continued our walk to the Tin Can Cabin and there was Liz, looking for us.
So we walked back to my place and I gave her the cheap tour.
 We talked for a while and then we went our own way to run
 around town. I stopped at the Wild Flower store that was
 closing their doors today. Actually it was yesterday but I guess he forgot to close the door. I picked up a salad plate , a cake plate
 and a great smelling candle. Everything was 75% off. I had to
drag myself out of the store before I was tempted to buy more. BTW it was pottery.
I then stopped at the  antique  mall which sells lots of stuff and
 even has a bakery in it. I was hoping to have a cup of coffee
 but that was not open yet. I found 2 pieces there, one was a
garlic keeper and the other piece was just a pretty thing that
 caught my eye. yes both pieces are pottery. I forgot to take
pictures of them, I will do that tomorrow.

Then I sat out on the porch and read and did some crocheting.
Around 4:30 I started the Turkey Enchilada pie. It turned out
great and had a piece for dinner and froze the rest in serving
And that's it for today.


  1. I'm an idiot, I typed a comment, then forgot to publish it! Soooo, ok, stop giggling. It is almost 1:30am...dinner sounds yummy! recipie? And I love pottery!

  2. Those folks should be ashamed constantly teasing you with irresistible bargains. Remember, once you fill the Tin Can Cabin you'll be sleeping on the porch.

  3. I'm afraid stores like that don't temp me at all. :)

  4. Good morning Cyn,
    I can't laugh at you I do it too.
    Pottery is a passion for me. I wish I could learn to make it.
    I'll post the recipe tonight. I believe I found it on the weight watchers site.

    I hope you didn't stay up to late. :)
    thanks for stopping by.

    Hi John,
    No I won't go that far. I have mostly small things and I use them all. I try to stick with useable pieces. :)
    Thank you for stopping by for a read.

    Hello Judy and Emma,
    That's a good thing for you. I have to learn to stay away but some of these stores are just to much fun to look around in.
    Thanks for coming over today.

  5. sounds like me going to yard sales,,,lol,,i just quit going.