Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I wasn't going to go anywhere today but then the urge to seek things out came over me.

Someone mentioned a lake we hadn't seen before so I went in search of it. Of course there were
some breath taking homes and cabins back on that road. I saw some horses and they were just
as curious about me as I was about them. Sorry I left the camera in the car. (There are black
and white furry things that really stink hanging around once it gets dark).. Anyway I didn't see
 the lake until I turned around and headed back and was taking the pictures of the horses that
I spotted the lake. It was small and for sure it was private. Had a fountain in the center and the
most beautiful cabin sitting on the edge of the lake with a rap around porch hanging over
the water.

I was out walking and stopped to talk to some of the neighbors and Tim told me I missed the
lake. OK so now tomorrow afternoon I will have to go look for that lake.  Hope I find it.

This is from Weight Watchers and if you go to www.weightwatchers.com/util/prt/recipe.aspx
You should find it. I would print it out but it  will take forever. But it really goes fast. Instead of
chili powder I use enchilada sauce.

I did take some pictures with that Kodak camera. It takes terrible indoor pictures.

I picked this up yesterday. No point to enlarge since it is blurry enough

I love this piece I may use it for cooking utensils the flowers on the other side are slightly different. I found these 2 pieces at a second had store and they were very cheap.
These are the  plates I bought at the close out sale yesterday and were a steal.
Blogger won't let me enlarge the Font and it is getting on my nerves so I will say Good Night.


  1. More treasures acquired, good shopping.

  2. The recipie link doesn't work, but I LOVE your finds!!! The place you visited sounds really cool too.

  3. Hi John,

    Good morning Cyn, I will try to scan the recipe today and then post it tonight. I think you can call me lazy. But it sure is good to eat this so I want to share. It is in WP on my desk top in Tucson.
    Thanks for letting me know it didn't work and for coming by.

  4. Wish you didn't have so much trouble with blogger. Recipe didn't work for me either. Love your steals,,,especially the plates.

  5. You have a really good eye for finding neat stuff!

    Maybe you should do my shopping for me!

  6. Hi trouble,
    I did the scan but it would take up the entire blog so I can't do it. Sorry. Glad you liked my plates I love them. I would be happy to e-mail it to you.

    Hello My Friend,
    I would love to go shopping for you. ;-).
    thanks for stopping in today.

  7. I really like all of the pottery pieces that you are collecting. And its a fun hobby to go out hunting for them.

  8. Hi Teri,
    There are lots of places up here to look. Way to many :-) and then they have lots of Art & Craft Shows here and potters come. But finding them in second hand stores works out better price wise.

    Thanks for coming by.