Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Took a ride

The day was a little cloudy but warm. Went to pick up my glasses and they were not right. I got a refund and I will call into my Dr. tomorrow.

I was close to Show Low Lake so took a ride over. For a week day there were a lot of people fishing or just sitting around in their cars or on benches.

As you can see the over cast was really getting heavy

I also think the batteries are running low even though the camera isn't letting me know.

There was a sign stating private area. This guy must work for the camp ground.

Now that's a tent

I believe this camp ground belongs to the church that is to the right and cannot be seen. those are even bigger tents than the one in the previous picture

I wouldn't want to mess with her garden.

Tomorrow we should get rain and 59 for the high. I have a project that will be good to work on in the house. Of course it called for high winds tonight and it is very calm right now. And the temperature is 68 which to me is still warm for almost 11 pm.

Until tomorrow hope you all have a great day.


  1. That tent looks like it's big enough for a small circus.

  2. Hi John,

    Maybe one is coming to town. With all the signs posted all over the place about bear, I wouldn't be in a tent.

    Thank you for coming by.

  3. I've hated my glasses since i got them,,at Walmart. Don't know if it was the prescription or not, kinda think so. But, the lens are magnetic and collect too much dust and stuff. Was supposed to have been made like the other ones.
    That's a HOUSE,,,lol,,,not a tent.

  4. Oh, no way would I stay in a tent with bear around!! And yes, dem's big tents!