Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Well What Have We Here

So I guess I just received the new Blogger. Now to see if I can figure this out. I really don't like change. Change is for young people.

Today I went exploring some of the Consignment shops, 2nd hand stores and Antique places. I didn't hit to many. Its still early in the season and not much going on in the 2nd hand shops.

I went to a 2nd hand store I hadn't been to before and I am sure I won't be going back too. This was stuff I bet other 2nd hand stores wouldn't even consider taking. 

I went to the consignment store I really like and have been to several times over the past 3 years. Stuff is always moving and new things are always coming in. I found 2 pieces I liked and bought then. I also bought raffle tickets for a really nice box of hand painted glass mugs and other items to help the women's center raise money for breast cancer, seems the hospital lost there grant for free mammograms. Pretty sad I say. The other gift being raffled off was a Margaretta basket. It also has hand painted glasses and pitcher to make the margaritas in  and lots of other stuff for a party..

I then cruised a neighbor hood and wound up on this washboard road so I turned around.

I went to the Antique Emporium and had a look around, but nothing caught my eye.

When I left the house on this little trip it was still cool so I had on jeans and a black thermal shirt. I was melting. So I went home and changed into a t-shirt and Capri pants. Went for a walk with Fred and then made a salad for lunch. Spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on the porch and crocheting and walks.

Walmart called and my glasses are in so I will head over there tomorrow and since I will be so close to Show Low Lake I will stop there.

I wanted something small to put my fruit in and found this little bowl with the handle and spout it worked perfect

I had the coffee pot from a purchase last year and today I found the little tin cup it has a candle in it and it smells great if you stick your nose right in it. I thought it would look good on the fake wood burning stove.

These are the Azalea's I bought the other day. I will bury the pot deeper and maybe plant some flowers around it. When I go back to Tucson I can pull the pot out and take them with me.

I liked the color of these but I forgot what they are called again. Something is growing in this pot it may be some of the flowers I had in there last summer. Or they could be just weeds.

Hope you all are having a great week so far.
As I was checking my spelling I found I could not see all of the post on the left side. I hope its there when I publish.


  1. If I need a decorator I'm going to call on you, you do such a good job.

  2. I didn't want to change to the new blogger, but it really isn't that much different, Jo.

    I like the little pot you got for the fruit. My Mom was going to antique shops, flea markets, etc. before it was in vogue. She would come home with sterling silver for practically nothing because no on knew it was worth anything. She was way ahead of her time.

    I decided to collect antique bottles a few years back. I could get them dirt cheap because people hadn't discovered that they could be worth something. Now, it's hard to find a good one that's inexpensive. Same with pottery.

    Good post. Joe is right--nice decorating job.

  3. Hermit's Baby SisApril 25, 2012 at 5:40 AM

    Hey, JoJo,

    Those plants you don't know the name of look like Kolanchoes to me. They come in all sorts of colors, and are very easy to propogate from just a leaf or just break off a tiny new growth and stick it in the dirt. Very hardy, and like sun or any bright spot. I love them - good luck. And I love your bowl - my kind of decorating!

  4. Love you decorating style.

    I got zapped with the new style Blogger too. Hope I got it figured out. I am like you - LEAVE GOOD ENOUGH ALONE!

  5. Hi John,
    Thank you for the nice comment. I love to decorate, its my passion. You can call me to decorate anytime.

    Thanks for coming by.

    Hello Nancy,

    No the new blogger isn't much different except when trying to proof read the left side can't be seen. And I couldn't find a way to move the screen.

    I used to collect little bottles too. Then they started to reproduce them and it wasn't fun anymore. When I moved to Tucson they got broken. I only have a few left. I would have liked to meet your mom, she could have taught me a thing or 2 about collecting the right things. And yes she was ahead of her time. I love that.

    Thank you for coming for a read.

    Hello Hermit& Baby Sis,

    Thanks for giving me the name. As I looked at the picture I see the tag is still there I will get it today. Last year my friend gave me a red one that turned pink after a few days of blooming. I planted it here and it got to big to take out and it died over the winter. I will take this one back to Tucson at the end of the season also even if I have to put it in a plastic bag to carry it.

    Glad you stopped by today Thanks

    Hi Phyllis,
    I love to decorate. I am not into frills but I have done a few for young girls. I don't think frills are a comfortable style, except for a little girls room. And I am sure most men don't like it.

    Thank you for your comment and for stopping by.

  6. Looks pretty good around the home place! I like the kettle and the cup together!

  7. I love shopping at antique stores and flea markets. You can find some of the neatest things there, Love the fruit bowl...very unique!! Things are looking very nice around your place!! Enjoy!!

  8. Everything looks so nice! Ronda and I used to frequent the antique stores, now too much of those stores are in our house so we are down sizing. :)~

    Have fun!


  9. Hello Jim My Special Friend,

    Thanks I like it to.

    Happy to see you stop by today, thanks.

    Hello Happytrails,

    They are fun and yes lots of interesting finds. I am enjoying it here.

    Thank you for stopping by today.

    Hi Erik,
    Yes one must be careful in those places. Luckily I can't spend that kind of money and this place is way to small to add large items.

    Thank you for coming over for a read today.

  10. Oh the place is so cute! You seem happy to be back there again :-)