Saturday, May 26, 2012

34 Degrees?

Man the wind really blew today. There are branches down everywhere. Someones vent cover was blown off and a large
branch just missed that same persons brand new car. But the
wind seems to have finally stopped and is now a mild breeze.
 But the temperature is going to drop down to 34 tonight. I sure hope not my  plants may freeze and die.
We are looking at 68 - 72 tomorrow and no wind.

So what do you do when the wind has been blowing for days?
I checked out the laundry. Yep I was looking forward to doing
laundry. I managed to gather up 3 loads. At least it was
something to do since I really am not interested in much
mindless TV. They have started to put some new magazines
out in the laundry to read. When I finished I put it all away and
then ran the vacuum and cleaned the bathroom. I had washed the
bathroom rugs yesterday so everything is nice and fresh. Tomorrow
I will dust and vacuum the porch to get rid of as much of the yellow pollen as possible.

Other than that not much else to report. I hope you are having better
weather around your area than this.


  1. You're being quite the Suzy Homemaker. I sure hope the wind dies down soon so you can get out and have some fun.

  2. Can you throw some sheets over your plants that's usually enough to protect them. In Illinois, my neighbors and my yard would sometimes be covered with sheets in the spring and again in the late fall.

  3. Good morning John,
    I really don't like being Suzy either. Of course I hate a dirty house. But a chore a day is better than an entire day.
    Today so far looks good. No wind as of 7 am.
    Maybe today can be a day to have some fun.

    Glad you stopped in Thanks.

    Hello Teri,
    The plants didn't freeze so maybe it didn't get that cold. Everything looks good this morning. Even in Tucson its gets down into the freezing point and I used to have everything covered.
    Thank You for stopping by today.

  4. A woman's work is just never done!

    Sounds like you have more than enough to keep you busy!

  5. Hello Jim,
    Yes it is never done. But at least the wind has gone and now I can clean up all this nasty yellow stuff.
    I hope the plants will be ok. The wind dried them out really bad. They are looking happy now with the nice watering they got.

    Thanks for stopping over for a read.