Sunday, May 20, 2012

Finally a picture worth taking

Another beautiful day on the mountain. It got quite warm today

I headed out for Waly world very early this morning before the
crowds woke up. I bought lots of good food to make and freeze.
When I got home it was already getting nice and warm. I put
everthing away and made breakfast. Then put together a
crock pot pizza. It is a low carb pizza that I found on tinycampers
blog. It was really good.
Liz, stopped by today and we chatted for awhile and then Fred,

let us know he needed a walk. So off we went.

Jeanne, pulled in around 2 pm today and I walked over there.
After going to Jeanne's, I walked over to Carolynn's, and then
home. Such a busy body today indeed.  And now I am tired.

Check this guy out

When I was walking out of the store there were lots of people
standing around. I could barely see the bike but not the dog.
When the people stopped taking pictures and moved away I 
spotted the dog. He sure created quite a crowd of picture takers
using mostly their phones. I quick threw my groceries in the car
and grabbed my camera. By then the man showed up and I 
talked to him about how popular his friend is. He said if he had
any smarts when all this started and charged everyone a dollar
to take his picture he could have built another Trike. I thanks him
and we were on our way. And the Trike was awesome too.

I wonder if I could get Fred to keep a hat and glasses on. Of
course I can't ride a bike. LOL Maybe I could come up with
something. But I will charge. hahaha

Have a good week everyone.


  1. Oh what a cool dog!!
    Crock pot pizza?

  2. I think you and Fred need an outfit just like that. Super cool.

  3. Pup reminds me of Spirit in the Oasis of My Soul Blog. He's a cool dog, too.

  4. Hey Cyn,
    Isn't he a riot. And he sure knows he is cool.
    Yup Crock Pot Pizza. Low carb no crust. It was really good.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Good morning John,
    Well maybe Fred would cool but I don't know about me.

    Glad you stopped by Thanks

    Hello Nancy,
    I will have to check out that blog. Hope all is going well with you.

    Thanks for stopping by for a read today.

  5. I saw a big dog in the back of a truck with shades on, here, about a week ago. First i had ever seen, and then you saw this one too! lololol,,sooo cool.

  6. Just gotta love it! Bet Fred would like to have an aviator cap and some cool goggles!

    You two would make quite a pair on the road!

  7. Hi Trouble, I have seen pictures of dogs backpacking and wearing hats and glass. But this is the first time I have seen it up close and in person. He loved the attention.

    Hi Jim,
    I bet Fred would wear it something if I told him too. He is such a love. Maybe I could buy a 3 wheeler bicycle with a big basket in the front and a seat for Fred in the back.