Monday, May 21, 2012

A View of Paradise

I got a call today about a 5th wheel in a great park in Pinetop.
So I went over to see it and I fell in love. The view was
absolutely beautiful. The park is much cheaper than this one and
much smaller. I like that a lot. But until I could sell the Tin Can
Cabin I really can't buy the 5er. And I don't know how that
would go. Things aren't selling all that fast. And there are to
many what ifs. The place is very well kept and the furniture
and interior is very clean and well kept also.  But there are
things I have added to this place that I would not be able to use there. And I could never make that place very much like a
cabin the way I did this one. But still this is a very hard choice.

 The pictures are all what you can see
from the back
windows of the 5er. They said they have seen fox, swan, crane, coyote, deer, elk lots of ducks.

 Maybe some day but not this one. Another draw back was
the Park doesn't open until May 1 and closes Oct 1. I want out of
Tucson way earlier than that and don't want to go back that early
as it is still to hot there.  But hey we can all dream.


  1. If it were meant to happen, then it would, right? 5vers are really nice rigs. But you have a knack of adding so much charm & the Tin Can Cabin is a great example of that!

  2. That is a beautiful view! If I were remotely interested in staying in the mountains all year, I'd check it out. But I'm getting hitch itch really bad, and I don't even have a hitch yet! You may be better to stay in a park that is open all year. Can you buy that rig and move it to where you're staying now?


  3. Love the views. The right choice will come to you, just step away and think about what's best for you.

  4. Hi Cyn,
    I just fell in love with the views mostly. The 5ver is beautiful in side. But I guess I will stay put. Can't keep spending need to save some for my old age. HAHAH

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello and Welcome Theresa,
    I don't stay up here all year round and that Park or this one I am in do not stay open all year round. I am not crazy about snow. I was born and raised in NJ. I live in Tucson in the winter.

    The rig can be moved but I wouldn't want to move it and I don't have the means to tow it.

    Hope you can get on the road soon.
    Thank you for coming over and joining my blog.

    Hi John,
    I love the views and I have given nothing but lots of thought. I just can't make that move at this time. But it sure would have been nice.

    Glad you stopped by this morning.

  5. why dont you want to come back to tucson that early?? It was only 101 when you came back last year LOL. Supposed to be 105 today

  6. It doesn't hurt to look and dream, and maybe someday the right rig and right location will come around.

  7. Hello Princess,
    Love You

    Hi Teri,
    No it doesn't hurt to look. And maybe your right someday something may turn up. But I can always jump in the car and drive somewhere close by to see beautiful things.
    Thanks for coming by today.

  8. Love the view from the 5er but really like your little cabin :)