Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

I haven't done much but hang out in the laundry room
for the past 2 days. Not very exciting at all. But stripped
the bed all the way down.

More people showed up today and my next door neighbors
were part of the returned. I really like them they are great and
Dick puts up with my harassing, of course he can give it back.

I wish all moms a lovely day tomorrow. And if you don't have
children but are married you are a mother.

The pictures I have been posting are from past trips.


  1. JOJO, Happy Mother's Day to you, as well. Beautiful pictures. Quit hanging out in the laundry room. :)

  2. I'll also wish you a happy Mother's Day. Thanks for posting, I have my sunshine for the day. ;).

  3. Glad you have next door neighbors that you really like!

    Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day. And I love your flower picture.

  4. Happy Mother's Day, sweetie!

    Glad you finally got the dreaded laundry out of the way! Now let the fun begin!

  5. Happy Mothers Day Nancy,
    I am staying out of the laundry room today. Going to a nursery to buy me some flowers.
    Have a wonderful day.

    Hello John,
    Thank You for the wishes. I'm glad if I bring you some sunshine.

    Good morning tinycamper and Happy Mothers Day!
    I thought the flowers would be a good picture for today.
    Hope you all have a great day with your mother and family.

  6. Hello Jim,
    I still have one more to go but will wait for tomorrow.
    thank you for the happy wishes. I bought a new Hasta plant today my mothers gift to me. :)

    Glad you stopped by.

  7. I'm catching up again. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day!