Sunday, May 13, 2012

Playing with my camera

Today was a very good day. The weather was fantastic I,
stayed out of the laundry room and had dinner made for me
by a new friend that met here in the park. Great cook indeed.
Thank you so much.

I took a ride to the local garden center and bought me a Hasta.
I have wanted one since last year. Spent some time playing in
the dirt and cleaning and refilling the humming bird feeders.

Another new friend stopped by and we had a drink on the porch
and chatted about visiting friends and where they might stay.

I kept thinking about Tom H's pictures that he sent me. So I
 got out the camera and went outside to play and here is what
came out. Some of them were really blurry and I figured out
the problem is I breath. So since that's something I can't change( well I can but the alternative is not very appealing)
 I decided that maybe its time to take out the tripod I bought
last  year and have never used. I will try that tomorrow.



  1. Nice flowers. I think it may be to cold here to plant yet. But, I did buy 2 small square planters at the Dollar Store today, now to get some potting mix and some plants or seeds.

  2. I agree, a tripod is a better solution for a steady camera.

  3. Breathing is a good thing to do. :)

  4. Good morning Teri,
    Some of the flowers are pretty good in cold weather. I think seeds need to be started earlier in seed pots. Get some petunias and pansies they can take the cold and will keep blooming for a long time. Have fun.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi John,
    Going to take it out today and see what I can do. Hope to have some good stuff later.

    Glad you stopped in.

    Hello Judy,
    Yes breathing is a good thing. A very good thing.:)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Very pretty JoJo. Do you have different settings on your camera for close-ups? I sometimes have trouble knowing which setting to use.

  6. Hello Sunny,
    Yes it has settings but I have the same trouble as you. A friend of mine just asked if I used macro. AHHH no just auto. So maybe I will try macro later on today.

    Thanks for stopping by

  7. I find the more I try to tell my camera what to do the more it rewards me with bad pictures. Yours turned out pretty nice!


  8. Hi Erik,
    Yes I have had to go back a few times to default settings after messing around to much. Thanks for the nice comment.