Monday, May 14, 2012

Just a little to many wind gusts

A friend of mine said to use macro when taking close ups.
OK take off for the Lake. I tried to find the macro on the menu.
Let my glasses in the car. OK lets take pictures and figure it out
later. So I found some interesting things and just when I was
ready to shoot a big gust of wind came and threw the object out
of focus. None the less I got some good shots and came home.

Today more people showed up and we finally had happy hour.
It was Carolynn's birthday today so we had a good excuse to
have a drink.

After I came back from happy hour I tried to find the macro
 setting. No luck. I figured it is a good time to read the book.
No book. Must have taken it out for some reason and of course didn't put it back. Maybe tomorrow I can google it.

Fred has an app. at the groomers tomorrow for a bath and nail 
clipping.  He has been rolling in the dirt and he is filthy. Of
course I can't stop him from rolling in the dirty but at least he
will be clean for the day and his nails won't be so sharp.

Here are today's picks of the best photos.

 In this hollowed out log there is a rock and pine cones
Yellow-headed Black Bird

 No little fuzz balls yet


  1. The pictures are getting better. By the way manuals are for sissys.

  2. Hi John,
    After owning this camera for as long as I have you would think playing around with it I would know how to work and find things. But heck I am still having fun with it.

    Thank you for coming by for a read.

  3. Looks to me like the pictures all turned out pretty good! I especially like the bird and the turkey!

    Wonder what that says about me?

  4. Pictures look good to me, so far so good!


  5. Hello Jim,
    Glad you like the birds. Some one said they looked like good Thanksgiving meat. I doubt the owner would agree with them. :)

    Thank you for stopping by for a look see.

    Hi Erik,
    Thanks for commenting and liking my pictures.

  6. I love closeups. Especially like your bird and stump picture.

    Hope you figure out the macro! :)

  7. Hello Tinycamper,

    I didn't mess with it today. No time, hope I will have more time tomorrow.
    Glad you came by.

  8. Good photos, love the yellow headed black bird. How pretty! Yes, the macro works well with close ups of flowers & such. Problem is, you have to remember to unset that setting after done or you will get blurry other type of photos!