Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hot water heater and Pancakes

Some one asked for this recipe in my comments today I don't
know who they are since they signed anonymous

This recipe was on another blog it is not mine.

Churchill House Cottage Cheese Pancakes

4 eggs ( I use liquid eggs)
1 cup small-curd cottage cheese (I use low-fat or fat free if
1/2 cup all purpose flour
2 or 3 Tb unsalted butter, melted (I don't always use)

beat eggs in bowl, stir in cottage cheese, add flour and mix until just blended but still lumpy.
Add butter and blend gently to combine.
I add a little chopped pecans. Top with a favorite fruit.
Recipe can make at least 6 pancakes if medium size. I freeze
2 to a 1 qt freezer bag since its just me. So I get 3 servings.
I hope you enjoy them I really do

I had a guy come to check the hot water heater and it was dead. He told me it was pretty old and parts were no longer available. So
 my neighbor took me to Lowe's with his discount card
and I bought a 12 gallon. I don't need anything bigger than that. Jim also said the old one seemed to be full of sediment which
means it hadn't been flushed in a long time. While it was
drained for the winter it hadn't been flushed. I will have this
guy close me down for the winter and to do the open in spring.
He will come and hook it up tomorrow. Guess I will have to
go across the street to shower, no biggy.

Found these 2 rolled up pieces of crusty carpet in the storage
space so I put on some gloves and got a huge leaf bag and
tossed them they smelled really nasty and moldy. I will need to
put some new weather stripping around the door to keep out

I heard they sold the 5 th wheel today. I knew it would go fast.

Time to go to sleep since I didn't do much of that last night.

Good Night all.

Of course the winds are still blowing and they say will die down
late Sat.

So I will have to stick close to home tomorrow again and then
this weekend will be very busy up here so I will stay around the
Park until Tue.


  1. Sorry to hear of the passing of your water heater. At least now you will have fresh water flowing without the accumulated sediment. Have a good weekend.

  2. Good morning John,
    I was sorry too and so was my wallet. But that's what comes with owner ship I guess.

    Thanks I hope to have a wonderful weekend and you do the same.
    And thank you for serving our Country.

  3. It's real windy here, also. Wind warnings for RV's - so I'm staying put, not going camping this weekend. Probably a good thing to stay away from the crowds anyway. This employee RV park is nice anyway. How do you measure your eggbeaters. I bought a carton of them last week to make waffles. I have never used them before. Nowhere on the carton is there information on how much to measure per egg, so I just poured some into the waffle batter. Guess it doesn't have to be exact.

  4. Hi Teri,
    Yes this is a good weekend to stay put if you have a nice place to stay already.
    1/4 cup equales 1 egg. And they last a very long time too. I have been buying Wally world brand. They are just as good but egg beaters have flavors. Enjoy
    Thanks for coming by.


  6. I have enjoyed your blog for awhile now. Not sure if you ever said the name of your park. Is it for rvs too? Would like to spend a month in the area.

  7. Hello Jillie,
    Hope you enjoy them let me know.
    And Thank You for coming by.

    Hi Faye,
    Yes this RV Park takes TT, 5 ers, MH's of all sizes. It is called Ponderosa RV Resort, in Lakeside, AZ.
    Thank You for posting a comment and asking.