Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No Hot Water?

The wind blew all day like crazy. I ran out to the store and bank
As I passed one of the lakes I could see white caps from the
wind but I couldn't pull over and I really didn't want to get out
 of the car.
Took a few walks.

Lots people pulled in to the park today, don't know how long
they are staying. Maybe they just wanted to stop driving in the wind. The wind should last at least 2 more days.

I made a nice big salad for lunch and then I made some chili
chicken breasts and froze them. I kept one out for dinner
and made rice. As I was doing the dishes I noticed the water
wasn't very hot so I stopped washing the dishes and took a very
quick and cold shower. After I get back from taking my friend
for her final back treatment I will have to find a plumber.
OH JOY! I'm lucky the showers are right across from my
place if it isn't fixed by tomorrow.


  1. Be sure and check the fuses, hope it's fixed soon.

  2. Good morning John,
    I am hoping thats all it is. The box is in what they called the trunk. I will get the guy down the street to check that first before I call a plumber. I try to reach in there last night but my arms are to short.

  3. Is the burner kicking in when you turn it on?


  4. Hi Erik,
    No it's electric and it is done for. The guy said he can't even get parts for it anymore.

    Thanks for coming by and asking about it.

  5. Hi there, how about that pancake recipe? Please!!!