Monday, May 7, 2012

Plants, Plants

It sure was chilly this morning. Mid to upper 30's then warmed
up to about 71 for about 2 hours and then back down again.
Pretty much had to wear warmer clothes today.

Went in search for my Zucchini and Eggplant today. I stopped
at Home Depot and they only had the Zucchini. Went over to
Wally world to see what they had since I had to pick up a 
few things anyway.  They had the Eggplant but it looks
 iffy at best . I put some plant food next to the roots. We shall see
how it goes.

The wind picked up and it was a chilly wind. So no sitting out 
on the porch today.

Tomorrow we are expecting rain and mid 60's.

As the clouds rolled in:

From Home Depot Cherry Tomato

Home Depot Zucchini

 Lowe's Sweet Red Pepper
How hard is it to figure out this is from Wally world.  Eggplant
Have a great week everyone


  1. With all that farming going on you need a pair of bib overalls and a straw hat.

  2. Your weather sounds a lot like ours. Keep those plants warm.

  3. Hey John,
    I have the hat but I gave up the overalls a long time ago.

    Have a safe day and Thank You for stopping by.

    Hi Teri,
    we never got that rain or cold temp last night. The sun is shining but of course that could change quick. Weather forcast is still saying rain this morning?

    Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

  4. We had bad storms the last 2 days, bad hail too. Even a tornado out in the country. Cold today too.
    Whats wrong with those plants??? hahahaha look good to me.

  5. Whats wrong those Wally world plants look really sick next to the healthy ones.
    The weather here is crazy. and I don't think any weather channel or station knows what the weather is going to be except cold.