Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Big Fish

Woke up to bright sun shine but chilly. Got dressed and went
 for our morning walk. Couldn't wait to get back inside and
have a nice hot cup of coffee.

Later about 9:30am sun seemed not so bright. Lots of clouds
had moved in . I checked 3 different weather forecasts and they 
all were so different. One said sunny all day and 71, another
was thunder and lighting with heavy rain and last was sunny
partly cloudy high of 74. Actual weather cloudy some sun and 65
no rain, no thunder, no lightening.

Liz went fishing with her friend today and couldn't wait to show
me  monster trout.

 And a good sized one it was 13 1/2"

That is one happy Lady

And she cleaned it to.  Way to go Liz

OK, OK I now I need to get a move on with this fishing thing.
I am going to go Thursday.
I am really
Girls Scouts honor
For sure


  1. Counting on you to catch a bunch.

  2. Here in Florida it's hot, sticky and humid. Chilly sounds delicious to me right now!

    I'm a bit envious of your friend's great fishing. Wishing you the best of luck also!

  3. I've never been much on fishing. My Dad was a dedicated fisherman and hunter. When I was young my Mom taught me to NEVER learn to clean a fish or game which my then husband got. She said once you do it, it's your job. I saw from her experience I didn't want that job.

    With this husband I took it one step further. He is pure Cajun and loves his Cajun food. So, I don't cook Cajun. He wants it, he cooks it. Works for me!

    So, do you clean fish???

  4. Hi John,
    I let you know and you can come over and clean them for me. Then we can do a fish cook out. OK!

    Happy to see you this morning.

    Hello Norma,
    I don't like hot and humid one bit. Its a little cold this morning at 39 but it will warm up to about 65 again which is not bad.

    Hope to hit the lake tomorrow morning. We will see how I do.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Sorry Tinycamper, I don't know where I got the Norma from.

    Good morning Phyllis,

    I used to go fishing with my dad when I was little. I have all his fishing gear and I am so afraid to use it for fear I will break it.
    And went sometimes when I was older. Its very relaxing. I know how to clean them, but it isn't something I care to do. YUCK! Unless it is a real prize size I will throw them back.

    Your mom gave you very good advise. :)

  6. It's Thursday, are you fishing?? ;-) I think I'd rather drain my generator oil again rather than clean a fish!