Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Stormy Weather?

Again the morning dawned with sunshine. But by 10:55am
 it clouded up pretty good and there was rumblings of thunder.
That lasted about 10 minutes. But the day was pretty chilly
and the temp never went over 63 degrees. Every once in the
while it sprinkled .

I thought today was the day I was to take my friend for her
 back treatments. Nope wrong its tomorrow. So we went to
lunch instead at Darby's. This place is packed from the minute
they open the doors until they close. So you know the food is
 really good. I had a chicken wrap and it was great. Their coffee didn't cut it for me, it was weak but it was hot.

Went for a few walks but other than that it was working on a
curly scarf. I don't really like working on them, they take way
to long and use lots of yarn. I just finished it. Now I have to
make the beanie but they only take about 1 1/2.

We are expecting the same weather tomorrow. So after I take
my friend for her treatment I will work on more stuff for the
craft show.

This mornings sky


  1. Would love to see a picture of your curly scarf.

    I haven't knitted for a long time and I miss it!

  2. Yep Jo, you're right same weather where you are. Looks just like here.

  3. Hi Tinycamper,
    I am going to do a Craft Show soon so I will take pictures then. I crochet trying to stay out of trouble. haha It doesn't always work well.

    Hope you are enjoying your camping.

    Hello John,
    So far the sun is shining and it has reached 55. Hope it warms up I am out of long pants. I guess its time to do the dreaded laundry.

  4. More crazy weather all over! Better get some more jeans or something! Could be some more wild weather for a while!

    Glad you are staying busy! Keeps you out of trouble, right?

  5. Hello My Friend,
    I at least put the dirty clothes in the basket, tomorrow I will have to wash no doubt about it. I should go over to JCP and buy some at least another pair of jeans.

    Staying out of trouble can be hard for me sometimes but I try not to hard though. >:)