Saturday, June 9, 2012

Craft Show and more running

Got up really early this morning to head out to the Craft Show.
For some reason I thought it was a lot further than it was but it
only took about 30 min. I sold 5 pictures but no hats or scarf.
People felt it was to hot to think about them right now. One of
the ladies thats in charge of the show said the first show of the season doesn't produce to many buyers but lots of lookers. I was happy to sell at least the pictures. It paid for at least one of the tables I reserved. Next week I will only have one table. As long
 as I cover my table I am happy.

When we got back Jeannie had lunch for us. That was really

Then we took off on a  mission for Jeannie to find the perfect
container to hold some Sun Flowers. Never found that but she
did find a paddle for her yak and some flowers. I found some
yarn but I may only get a hat out of it but it is cool.

I am really tired and tomorrow I am going to do nothing. Well maybe just do a quick run to Wally world for color ink and
purple yarn.

Now its time to throw myself on the couch and rest.

Good night all.


  1. Your table set up looks similar to how I set up to sell my husbands photographs. I matted them and stored them in baskets, also. I would also set out some things that I sewed. I also printed his photographs on magnet sheets, the magnet sheets can be cut easily with scissors. I sold quite a few of those. I experimented with printing the photographs on fabric, I liked the texture of those pics - I need to get back to making things.

  2. You are quite the talented lady.

  3. Good morning Phyllis,
    Not really they are easy paterns and crocheting keeps my hands busy.
    And taking pictures is such a joy for me.

    Thank you for stopping by today.

  4. Your hats and scarves are so pretty I am sure they will sell come time for them. My brother who lives in Tucson does leather work, but has said they have not even covered their gas money last year so gave it up.