Friday, June 8, 2012

Found A New Place

Today we headed out to find new adventures. Or just new
stores. We stopped at our banks first. A girl has to have money.
Last winter one of out favorite stores was set on fire by a vandal
to make matters worse the hydrant didn't work and all was lost.
Last month they opened another store. So of course we stopped i
in to lend our support. I didn't find anything this time around.

As we were leaving we spotted another store behind Burly Bear
so we checked it out. What a great store. We walked around and
then talked to the owner.  She said she would love to see what I
have and to bring in what is left from the craft show that will be
fun. I did not buy anything there either but Jeannie did. We then
stopped at anther shop that has many little shops in it and they
also do consignment. There are lots of things to see so many
little nooks to look into. I still did not buy anything.

We also found the first Art & Craft Show at the high school.
It is a small one and it always has the same vendors. We really
enjoy going there a few times a season.

We then drove back home to let the dogs out and off we went
again. We stopped at an Antique store and then to lunch. We
had planned to do much more but decided it would keep until
Monday as lots of RVs were headed up the mountain. Way to much traffic on the roads.

We stopped at a trailer that is in the Park to take another look
and take some pictures. Its a hard call and I have lots of questions
I need to ask about this place.

Back yard facing the house meadow, and look grass. I was told the guy next door cuts the grass.

Thought I would throw this in for good measure. Lots of spiders around this year.
Hope you all have a great weekend and stay cool, drink lots of water.


  1. Will try to take your advice on staying cool. Supposed to hit 95 today in Mitchell, SD.

    Looks like you visited lots of places vying to take your money!

  2. Just reading about all that shopping made me tired. You must train for this.

  3. Seems like spiders are everywhere more than usual!

    Good move on saving money!

  4. Hi Phyllis,

    Sorry to hear about such heat. It was very windy today but cool.
    Yes visited lots of places but kept my money.

    Thanks for coming by today.

    Hello John,
    Yes you have to be in training at all times. Sorry I made you tired. :)

    Hello Jim,
    Yes lots of spiders I killed 2 in 5 min. the other night. Nasty critters.

    Its to early in the season to spend money. Need to shop around first then find the best deals. Thank you for coming over for a read today.