Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not a fix it day

I figured out last night that a paper towel holder that sits on
the counter is not a good thing.. there is very little counter
space in here. So I went to the Family Dollar and that's all
they had. I really didn't feel like driving all the way to
Wally world so I just went across the road to Ace and picked
up one there.  I put it up as soon as I got home that little bit
more room sure made a difference. I have been needing to go to
my friend house to fix a crooked blind. So off I went and found
Jeannie and Liz trying to figure out how to inflate Jeannie's
new kayak. It was decided an adapter was missing. Jeannie 
made a call and one should be here in 2 days. Liz loved the
thing and ran back to her place to order herself one. Maybe
next week they can have a race at the lake.

We then made our way into the house to fix the blind. We could
not drill into the wall for nothing. I would love to know what 
kind of drill they used. The screws where self starters for metal
but we could not get them in. So the screws went into the
original holes and we are sure that its an optical illusion that
makes the blind look crooked.

Tomorrow we are off to play. I should be doing laundry not go
out to play. I can do it when we are done running around. I can 
believe I have to do laundry again. This is a pain in the neck.


  1. Laundry can and should always be postponed in favor of play. Have a blast.

  2. Sounds like life to me , Jo. Our work never seems to be done . I try to balance so many hrs of work a day and some for 'play'. Doesn't always work out that way but at least its a plan. Have a fun day. It will keep you smiling through your work!

  3. Hi John,
    Your right as always. I will stick to the fun plan and worry about clean clothes later.
    I'm so happy you stopped by Thanks.

    Good morning Sunny,

    No it never seems that way does it. But I like Johns advise so I am going off to play.

    Thanks for stopping in this morning. Keep looking for pictures of your garden.

  4. Hey, JOJO, I did the same thing with my paper towels. What little trailer has room for a standing one? Felt like I had built myself a new kitchen after I put the one on the cabinet! Agree about laundry--pitn!

  5. Hello Nancy,
    Yes what a differenc a little thing like that made. Did do the laundry maybe Sunday or Monday still have clean underwear just not much in the way of clean clothes. :O

    Thank you for stopping by today.