Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Caught Fish!

My friends Bruce an Phyllis picked me up around8am this
morning and we headed to Silver Creek. It was once a large 
ranch. As we pulled up the stock truck was there. We headed
for their favorite fishing places and I watched them stock for
a few minutes and then got set up. The fish were kind of on 
the small side but large enough to keep. The limit is 6. It
didn't take long to catch the limit. I caught 5 and I was
happy. The others got their limit of 6. But it sure was
getting hot quick. I lost my worm on the last cast so I was
happy to leave with what I had. When I returned I went and
cleaned them behind the club house. They have a set up for
cleaning fish there. It is tough to walk there as you have to
watch for hole and rocks, if you fish off the bank you may
have to drop down to the water. I hope to find a flat spot next

I think my next fishing trip I will buy a license for the
reservation  that's where the big fish are.

I told you the fish were small, just kidding.

I saw 2 of these little guys. At first I thought it was a rat.

First fish, yea I know he got a little dirty

getting ready to clean them

The old ranch house

Be safe everyone this is a big weekend.


  1. Glad to see you were successful! Bet those will taste good!!

  2. Good job, but how did you get the state to bring in a load of fresh fish just for you?

  3. Good morning Sunny,

    Thank you. I will grill them with orange, lemon juice, black olives, sprinkle of green chili powder, diced onion. Wrap in foil. YUMMY You can add anything that makes your taste buds happy.

    Hi John,
    Could it be I am special? Nah that it isn't it. I think the people who go there know when its stocking day. Of course how far is that to the fish?
    Glad you stopped by today.

  4. Oh JoJo, save some of that for us, it sounds delicious!!

  5. Oh, Jo.... I would not have thought of cooking the fish that way. Sounds scrumptious!!!

    So glad you finally had success fishing!

  6. Hi Cyn,
    Need to catch some of those bit ones first. The we can have a party.
    Thanks for stopping by

    Hello tinycamper,

    This was my dad's recipe. He made it with Salmon. Boy was that good.

    Thanks for stopping by for a read today.