Monday, June 25, 2012


This morning was sunny and brezzy. I figured it was time
to hit the dock at Woodland Lake.
After breakfast I took Fred for a good walk and then went
to the lake. I had so much trouble getting my thumb to work
with the cast. But after about 10 trys and hitting the dock
most of those ten I got it. I wasn't there to catch anything just
to get used to the rod n reel. I spent about and hour there.
There was a young man there with his 2 sons. And we all
had a good laugh at my dock catching. When I was leaving
I asked the kids if they thought I was ready to buy bait.
sure they said.
I took some pictures of the rolling in clouds before I left.
I took Fred for a walk and as we headed for the longer walk
I felt something hit my head. Yep it was rain. We all know
what Fred thinks of rain. He practically dragged me home.
It really started to pour when we got onto the porch. I sat
out there  and watched the rain. It stopped and I went out to
run the windshield wipers to clean it off. I came back in and
made some lunch. The it really started to thunder and rained
agian it rained really hard for a long time. We really needed
that rain.
And I tried to finish the book but watching the rain was
much better.


  1. I really like that last picture, great colors.

  2. Good morning John,
    I thought I had posted an answer but it didn't take.
    Thanks I really had to stay with that bird and I finally found the right time to click. Just in time too.

  3. Hi JoJo, Just caught up on the last several of your blog entries. That fire sure caused a terrible loss. I'm sure it takes longer for trees to grow back out there than in the lush green eastern US. Glad you got some rain you were needing. So are you staying at your place now? and that's the Tin Can Cabin? Don't mind me, I get confused easily. What will you do when your place sells? Are you looking for another RV?

  4. Hi Sunny,
    Yes I am at the Tin Can Cabin now. I have my eye on a 2000 Companion Kit travel trailer. I will park it in a different rv park. But at least I won't be tied into it like I am here. I love the Tin Can Cabin but it cannot be moved so I have to sell it so I can move on. I will also try to buy a van so I can go on short camping trips up here and in the Tucson area. Like you said in your blog the Honeymoon is over. I love that. Don't like staying in one place to long.
    Glad you stopped by for read.

  5. We need some new pics of Fred!!
    I hope you find the trailer you want soon. The van is a good idea too.