Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lazy Days

It has been really hot here as it is everywhere from the
sounds of it. So I just have been hanging out in the trailer.
Of course after all the running around last week with my
friend Terry a rest was needed.

The only thing I did yesterday was laundry and walk with
Fred. I couldn't believe I didn't have any clean clothes left.
It seems like I just did laundry not to long ago.

Today was a bit cooler. I remembered I wanted to make
something that had to be cooked in the oven so I got on it
really early this morning. I sat out on the porch  for some
time trying to finish a book I started reading last summer.
Since I only have been reading at night I wasn't getting
very far. Happy to report I should be done tonight or tomorrow
morning. Of course I really would like to go fishing in the
morning to try my new rod and reel. I found a brand new
stringer chain for fish that I might catch. I was walking and
there it was just laying there. Of course I don't plan on
keeping any of the fish and have crimped down the barb
on a few hooks. But just in case one gets hooked good
enough to stay on I might have to bring it home. But it will
have to be a good size.

Hope tomorrow will be cooler than today so I can get out
and do some fun stuff.

I finally caught a Robin this seems to be a young
I have been trying to photograph a Robin for 3 summers now


  1. Jo, I have new fishing gear that I haven't tried out either. But any I catch get dipped in beaten egg and cornmeal and southern fried! :)

    Not healthy, but it's worth taking the hit to me.

    Hope you get a break in the weather soon.

  2. Hope your new stringer is plenty looooong for all the fish you're going to catch.

  3. Hello tinycamper,

    I am headed out in a little bit to try it out.
    You recipe sounds sooooooo good. Hope you get out soon and catch a batch.
    thanks for stopping by.

    Hi John,
    It might be if I can get the thumb action going to release and not just plop into the water. hahaha
    Thanks for stopping in today.

  4. There are tons of Robins here in Pa. I've not tried to take any pics of them yet though.