Friday, June 22, 2012

Results of 2007 Rodeo/Chediski

To Terry and I drove to Heber-Overgaard. I had never been
that far into the town before. And I had not seen the burned
out area. It was devastating to see such  lose of pines and
Mile after, mile as you drove on both sides of the road. 
Then when you thought you wouldn't see anymore and
there were green beautiful trees, there was more burn out.
In most places the fire was so hot that it will take about
100 years for anything to grow again.

I had 1 phone call on the place today as I listed it on
Craig's List in Show Low.

 Here the fire was not very hot and plants and trees are coming back
You can see how the fire zigs and zags around some trees. And most of the trees that burned were tall and the fire caught the tops leaving the small close to ground in tack

Then you go from this

To this

 These fires were set by people and one was a fireman.
He started this fire on purpose. The other fire was set by
someone who got lost and wanted to be found. But when
the helicopter flew over it blew hot ash onto the all ready
dry trees. These 2 separate fires grew into one huge burn.

We all know the saying Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires


  1. Really a shame to see such destruction cause by carelessness and stupidity.

  2. Such a loss. It must really hurt to see it in person.

  3. Hi John,
    Yes and it seems like they never learn I guess that because they are stupid and have no use for beauty.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

    Hello tinycamper,
    It did it really makes you want to cry.

    Thank you for coming today.