Thursday, June 21, 2012

On the move

Today was a big travel day so to speak. 
I picked up  Terry and we headed out. I stopped to gas
up at the Casino. Price of gas was $3.33 I don't know about
other places but for me that was cheap.

Headed out toward Greer with many stops along the way.
I posted about Little Bear Lake. Well we went to check
out his daddy Big Bear Lake. What a beautiful place.
Lots of camping sites. And they were pretty full. I want to
find out how much it costs to camp there which is Apache
Land. Of course it is boon docking as there are no hook ups.
Since Terry has never been to Little Bear we road around
to the smaller lake. From there we drove further down the
road sight seeing until we got to Greer. We stopped to pick
up Bobbie and went to lunch.  We had a good time but
Bobbie wasn't feeling to well. After lunch Bobbie went
home and Terry and I went exploring a little further into

After leaving Greer we headed back to Lakeside. But we
made a few more stops at a few more lakes. Horse Shoe or
Cienega which ever name you choice I guess. Lots of
people fishing in streams or lakes. It was a pretty warm day
considering how high into the mountains we were.

Boat ramp at Big Bear

I don't know the name of this butterfly or moth, but
it sure must have liked the color of my car which is
red. It then flew into the car but I was able to scoop
it up and put it back out. They were everywhere today.

Today the fire of last year seems so much worse to our eyes. It really needs to rain

They caught little fish and threw them back. It looked like Sunny's

Lightening strike
It was a long day but a great day for exploring
Lets see where I head for tomorrow


  1. Wonderful pictures! Loved seeing the scenery and activity!

  2. Thanks for sharing you day with us.

  3. Hello tinycamper,
    I loved that camping area around Big Bear Lake. Maybe can go there next summer.
    thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Phyllis,

    No problem will down load new pictures here in a minute.
    Thanks for coming for a read today.

  4. Oh the butterfly! Came in to see ya ... haaaa

    Loved the pictures