Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Keeping busy

I picked up my friend Terry at the cabin and we went off to
see some travel trailers and to see Show Low Lake. We
decided it was time for lunch and went to Darby's. Terry
needed to go to Family Dollar so I dropped her off at the
cabin so she can go on ahead.

I came back and took Fred for a walk. It was really hot here
today. I had all the windows open and the fans going. But
it was soooo hot. I decided to see what the A/C would
smell like and turned it on. There was no smell. I guess
after 2 years it dried up. Just hope it stays that way. It cools
really well. It is now off and it has cooled down outside so
I will open the windows and turn on the fan in the bedroom.

I had posted the Hideaway on Craig's list but didn't like the
post so I deleted it. I will post it tomorrow with new pictures
I am going to take in the morning.

Then its off to Greer to meet up with another of our friends
Bobbie. We haven't gotten together since last summer. I
know it will be cooler in Greer for sure.

May you all follow your dreams.


  1. Here is ND it is 58 this morning. Talking to family back home in NJ it is in the high 90's already. Aren't both of us Jersey Girls glad we are not there today!

  2. Good Morning Phyllis,
    Well it sure has gotten pretty hot up here. But at least not as hot in Tucson. Heading for even higher ground today.
    Have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by.

  3. Oh I've got some catching up to do here! You are selling the hideaway??
    I'm still in Pa, in the 90's here today, but a cold front will be heading this way soon...

  4. You need to pay yourself mileage for all that running around you're doing.

  5. Hi Cyn,
    I hope your enjoying your visit with family.
    It was 94 here Lakeside for the past few days. Nasty.
    thanks for coming for a read.

    Hello John,
    I really took one heck of a ride today.
    Thanks for coming by.