Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A very sad day

Today I found out that my best Buddie past away last
weekend. The family didn't know how to contact Tom's
Tucson friends. Tom passed away in Idaho on the 17th
green doing what he liked best.

We met back in 2007 through our mutual Friends. We
never met and we lived about 5 houses down the road from each
It started with a trip everyone was taking and I had no way
to get there. They called Tom much to my dismay to see if
I could ride up with him. I didn't know this man from adam
I didn't even know what he looked like. Everyone said he is
the best and a true gentlemen. Before we even road out of
or park I felt like I knew him forever. The trip was up here
 to the White Mountains. I packed up a picnic lunch and 
we stopped at a rest area just before we left Salt River
Canyon. The water was running in the river below us and it was a beautiful day. We talked and talked and really got to know
 each other.
 I stayed in my friends in MH and Tom slept in his van. It
was so cold up here. The guys hooked up and electric
heater to the van and he was just as happy as could be. We
used the shower room in the mornings. And Tom would go in
first and bring in the electric heater. When he was done he
would let me know and the bathroom was all toaster warm.
We took the long way home so we could explore places
we had never seen before or some I had and he hadn't. I
had packed us a picnic lunch again before we left the White
Mountains and we stopped in the little town of Florence, AZ.
Tom didn't know about Florence so I explained
it had one of the prisons that housed hardened
criminals. I thought he was going to choke on his sandwich.
Tom and I became best friends and being the only single
people in the little group we hung out with we went
everywhere together. Tom was one of the best gentlemen I
ever met. Opened doors walked me to my door.

And how do you explain to Fred that I won't be dropping
his leash to run up the driveway and the waiting treat
and then and to sit on Tom's lap in the recliner.  

Tom, I will miss you with all my heart.


  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, may he rest in peace!

  2. So sorry for you loss, it sounds like you will have many memories to reflect on. It's never easy losing a friend.

  3. Wow what a shock! So sorry ... Great memories of a very nice man... Bummer!

  4. Hi kcgaz,
    Thank You.
    I will read your blog soon I have added to my favorites.

    Hi John,
    I do have many memories and pictures on my home computer of fun times.
    Thank you

  5. Sorry for your loss, JoJo. Sounds like he was an angel here on earth.

  6. Good morning Sunny,
    Thank you. Not many left like that.

  7. It is truly a gift when we meet someone and it is an instant connection. You were blessed as was Tom with your special friendship.


  8. Thank you Phyllis,
    I do have some fond memories to keep with me.

  9. Oh, JOJO, I'm so sorry about your loss. It sounds like Tom was a very special person. I hope your happy memories sustain you through this very sad time in your life. Poor little Fred--you can't explain it to him--that's the difficult part.

  10. JoJo that was so special Tom was our friend too. Dick said " he hope he goes the same way Tom did. We all need a huges today. Just Me LoLo

  11. SO sorry you lost your good friend mom. great story you wrote about him. Love u

  12. Hi Nancy and Jack,

    Yes he was a very special guy.
    Thank you for you warm wishes.

    Hi Lolo,
    Yes he meant a lot to all of us. I got a few hugs today. I wish we werent all so far apart right now. Hugs to you and Dick.

    Hi Princess,
    Thank you for coming to say so.
    Love you too

  13. Oh, Jo... really good friends are priceless. I am so sad that you lost such a dear one.

  14. Oh JoJo, I'm so very sorry to read this. It's so special to have a friend like this - treasure those memories...hugs.

  15. Jo, thank you for "introducing" your readers to a remarkable man. Wish we could have met him for real.

    That must have been such a shock to hear that sad news.

    Our hearts ache for you and all of Tom's friends and families.

    We just know that the memories you made with him will bring you through this difficult time.

    Lots of hugs, Trent and Teresa