Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday at Wally world, YIKES!

I had a small list for Wally world. Big ticket item a fan.

 I stopped to see the trailer I was thinking about here in the
park as the guy next door who is handling the sale was there.
We did another walk around and he couldn't answer all my
questions and said he would find out for me. As I was
leaving I spotted Liz and Jeannie working on Liz's new
blow up Yak. So I watched  for awhile and was watching
these tiny little birds on the ground. I walked over to find
a baby bird on the ground and it was injured. It must have
fallen out of its nest. The parent was feeding it. Jeannie ran
and got her bird book and we thought they were Dark-eyed
Junco. I am looking at my book and I don't think they are.
Junco's are larger birds these were very small. the coloring
is close.

Any way I finally realized how late it was getting and I still
hadn't gone to Wally world.

Stopped at Home Depot first to see what they had. I picked
 a fan out but decided to check out Wally first since it is next
door. They had the same fan and it was a dollar less.
Bought that and then looked at the fishing rods. I bought a
dock pole they are short and maybe I will have better luck. 
Of course by time I left the store I had a large basket full.
Why does that always happen.

At least a lot of the stuff was good veggies and I will make 
them in the crock pot out on the porch tomorrow.

I want to go fishing early so I will get it going before I

I bet Judy will know what this bird is.

Liz with her new toy

Lucy in her cat cave. Lucy belongs to Liz. Lucy has a secret hide out under the Motor Home with a door leading into the the interior.
Oh well its bed time and reading a chapter or 2.


  1. That full cart syndrome at Wal-mart is caused by willpower or lack there of. I suffer from the same problem.

  2. I have to agree with Jeannie. Looks like a dark-eyed junco to me too. Notice the diagnostic white outer tail feathers. It's a young bird just out of the nest, and may not be injured at all, just inexperienced. Juncos build their nests on the ground, many times in the side of a forest bank. :)

  3. Hi John,
    Yup I always say nothing but what is on the list. But that never works.
    Thanks for stopping by and have a safe trip today.

    Good Morning Judy, I knew I would get the answer from you. What threw me was the size. In the book it says 7 in length but seem so much smaller to me. And yes there is a sort of bank there. I will go check it out this morning to see how they fair. There are horses in that meadow could be a hazard.
    Thank you Judy.