Saturday, July 28, 2012

Got Shed?

I wish I could say we had a sunny day but NO! We had
more rain.

A group of women had planned a luncheon at a grand
opening at a new restaurant. There were about 20 in the
group and they had set out canopies outside. We just
started being served when the rain came. It wasn't to bad
the first 5 min. Then it really started to pour. The place
was to small for all of us and we tried to hang out under
 the canopies. It just rained harder and harder so we all ran
in and payed our bills and headed home to change into dry
clothes before we headed to the high school for a play. 
Anyway it turned out not to be a play but we still enjoyed
the day and I met lots of new people.

Now I finally have my shed. The guy had to work in and
out of the rain. But its up and I loaded it. I now have no
pile of stuff in the living room and I was able to empty the

Also found another leak. This one was under the kitchen
sink. I knew there had to be one because it started to smell.
So Ron fixed that also.

I love the view out of this window. There are log cabins and the meadow to the right

This couch is so comfy, I laid on it last night to watch TV and slept for 2 hrs.
Now I need a desk and I will be set. Maybe I will find
 one tomorrow. Need to run to Wally world and
then laundry. :(

So its time to rest up have a great evening all.


  1. That couch looks too inviting. Glad to hear you finally got the shed setup and filled. Sounds like things are shaping up.

  2. Good morning John,
    Yes it is good to be seeing the end of this move. And the end of things being spread out everywhere.
    Thanks for coming and have a great day.

  3. Always love that you do pics. thx

  4. Hi Trouble,

    Maybe I will do some today if it doesn't rain again.
    Thanks for coming

  5. Love your new home and I read you blog early just to see how everything is going..How I would love and my hubby too to live up where you live a little bit of heaven, dry somewhat then cool but not like the over 300 days we get in the pacific northwest, when we get heat there is humidity and it jacks the temperatures up so much it is ridiculous, no air conditioners in our home and they had the gall to put up ceiling heat we ripped out right after we go the house in september end of 1978, got a decent heating system, just put in windows and insulated (We did the insulation) the windows were not cheap but got senior discounts and paid for them with my savings I had before I married--almost 40 years ago..Lost 2 kitteh cats in a one week period 7/9/16 our precious Sophie died and then at 1:46 pm our prince Bailey died, it was traumatic for me, I nursed them when they were young with baby bottles, both were robust, then they started losing weight, took them to the Vet a feline clinic only, both had cancer all thru them, I could not put them down they passed here in the home they knew with me & Hubby with them, I am in grief! So your blog helps me enormously, I get up ready to read what you are doing, congrats on your retirement and your new home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love your shed..Meant to say we have 300 plus days of clouds and mostly chilly, rain and then snow & ice some years, all green and mostly moss grows in the yards.One has to walk in the rain and cold humid conditions mostly, it is a far cry from our lovely home in Aurora, Colorado we got in 1976 it was lovely there not the 400,000 people who live there and shooters there too..oh my goodness..Loved Tuscon lived a summer over 40 years ago and it was so neat, hot and lovely, DRY and more DRY...enjoy your new home, the couch looks wonderful, may blessings of peace and joy be yours in this new phase of your life!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hello Anon,

    First let start by saying I am very sorry about your kitties. I hate to see animals or people for the matter suffer.

    Thank you for all you comments on my new little place in the mountains. It has been raining so much this year but after the terrible fires of last summer we welcome the rain.

    I do wish you happeness in your life.
    Thank you for coming by for a read today.