Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lush and Green

For the most part today was clearer a little more sunny.
There were cool breezes but still clouds and on off rain.

I wanted to go shopping but some dreaded laundry won out.
Things were wet and damp so didn't want that laying around.

Didn't do much after that. We took a few walks. The mosquitoes
and flys made it unpleasant to stay out very long.

Re arranged things some. I am sure I will be doing that for

Such a tough life

Late afternoon sky

These pictures are taking of the meadow behind the RV Park

Still need to bring over the plants but all the rain has made them very heavy


  1. I'm liking Fred's approach to a Sunday afternoon.

  2. Good morning John,
    Yes he has a talent for knowing how to relax.

    Thanks for coming over.

  3. Maybe we should take a hint from our pets more often, ya reckon?

  4. Hi Jim,
    I think you may be right. Critters are pretty smart.

    Thank you my special friend for stopping by today.