Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More Thunder , lightening and rain

Today was about the same as all the days lately.
More thunder and rain.

Took Fred to get his nails trimmed. I can't believe he is such
a whiner about it. But at least its done.

I tried to work on the patio but it kept raining. So today
was spent not doing much.

I will try to make something in the oven.

I'll let you all know who it went.

Good Night


  1. Fred has plenty of company when it comes to not liking getting his nails trimmed!

    Never seen a dog that liked it.

    Sorry you couldn't get out to the patio, but at least the rains keep the threat of fire down a bit!

  2. Good morning Jim,

    I was told the first time I took him in last year they said he was so good about it. When I went back to Tucson I took him to Petsmart and he has never liked it since. I will never take him back to a Pet Smart again. I have heard this from others too.

    Hope to be able to use the patio today.

    I am so happy when you come by for a visit. Thanks and have a great day.