Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It didn't rain today

Today it didn't rain. But the mosquitoes are really bad. Keep
spraying but sometimes it just doesn't help.

Did some work on the shed and patio. But not much else.

Last night around 3:30 am one of the neighbor's fell down
the stairs in their 5er. Something about their new puppy
needing to go out or just fussing.  I might have slept thru
it if Fred didn't bark when the man was knocking on a
friends door. Then the EMT showed up. Like I said if Fred
hadn't barked I would have slept thru it. Those guys were
quiet. I guess they took her back to Tucson as she broke
her knee cap. I know how that feels.

I thought I would try to take some moon shots tonight

with out flash

 With flash
Don't know why this came out so blurry could have been swatting biting things 


  1. JoJo, have you tried a Thermacell for mosquitoes?

  2. Sounds like Fred was doing a good job as watchdog-in-chief. Now if you can just teach him to slap mosquitoes.

  3. Good morning Nancy,
    No I never heard of it before. Where would I find it and what is it?
    I use spray but it only seems to last for a little while and if I use to much
    it makes me cough and sneeze.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi John,

    Yes he is a good watch dog and he will not make a terrible racket at the same time. When I tell him no more he stops. But to tell the truth I worry about the mosquitoes because fo heart worm. I am going to have him tested.

    Thanks for stopping by last night.

  4. Skeeters are bad everywhere, it seems!

    I hope Fred is doing good without getting too many bites! Sounds like he is being a good guard dog!

    You be careful, sweetie!

  5. Have not been bothered by skeeters here in SD. So dry I guess they decided to move on down to AZ.

  6. Hi Jim,

    well Phyllis is in SD and they don't have any because its dry.
    Yes Fred is doing his job very well.

    You take care and Thanks for coming.

    Hi Phyllis,
    Maybe I should head for your area. I am a mass of bites.

    Thanks for coming but if you can whistle your skeeters back to SD we won't mind at all.