Monday, July 2, 2012

OH What A Beautiful Morning Oh What A

Today was cooler and we had some rain. There was a nice
breeze to keep things cool. I only used the fan in the living room, and the little one on the desk a few times.

We took a few walks and longer ones since it was so nice
and cool.

Wifi was down this morning. So I took the time to shred
3 summers of reciepts. It was scary to say the least.

Started reading a book Jeannie brought up for me to read.

TheWesterners - by Dee Brown
It starts way back to when the Spanairds came to Mexico
and  ventured into what is now America for the 7 cities of gold.
So far so good. There are parts I have not read in any other
books. Of course their ruthless ways are the same.

It was really nice to be able to sit out on the porch for a
change and not suffer from the heat. I was going to set
up a little setting area out in front of the porch if it was hot
again today.  We are looking at low 80's and high 70's for
the rest of the week with rain.

Clouds over the Tin Can Cabin

From what I was told  by people who went fishing at Show Low lake it wasn't as calm as this picture. Young people were speeding around the lake creating lots of noise and after that no fish could be caught. Before they came 4 nice sized trout had been caught.
Maybe very early tomorrow morning I will try my luck.


  1. You have the right idea, hit the lake early before the crazies hit the lake.

  2. Good morning John,
    After my coffee I am gone. I think.
    Have a great day.

  3. Send some of that wonderful weather our way. We are broiling!

    And if you can't send it here, at least make sure you enjoy it to the hilt yourself! :)

  4. Hello tinycamper,

    You can always get on the road and come on over here. We had broiling weather here too for about 2 weeks. It was awful. Sure not the reason many of us come up the mountain. It should be in the low 80's today with a 50% chance of showers.

  5. Let me understand this - you are having cool weather in AZ while it is close to 100 in SD. What happened??????

  6. Hi Phyllis,
    Yep we finally got a break. It has been raining for a while now but not real heavy and its 68 right now. Lovin it.