Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pack and Unpack

I was so happy to have packed all the winter clothes and
other things I won't need before the move.  And then, I tried
to move the bucket. I couldn't even drag it it was so heavy.
And then I realized it wouldn't fit threw the doorway unless
it was lifted over the little decorative door things. So I had
to unpack the clothes and I have large piles around. I hate

In the morning I am going to pick up my friend Rob so he
can size up the trailer and then go to the RV Park to show him where I will be parking. Rob said he can also get me
some boxes. The ones I picked up yesterday are small ones
wine shipments at Safeway I also need to stop and get some
packing tape.

And of course it was the dreaded laundry day. Needed to
wash colors and towels so I just did it all including whites.
At least that's out of the way I hope until the move.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.


  1. I think you are going to be one busy lady the next few days. And get that tape quick before the boxes start unpacking themselves.

    1. Hi JOJO! Seems the trouble of packing and unpacking is not suitable for you :(. It bothers me, too but without this I enjoy moving, traveling. Have a good day!
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  2. Hi John,
    I know I want to stop at Big Lots this morning they have screen rooms on sale for $69. they are normaly $119. I hope they still have at least one. I'll get the tape there.

    Thanks for stopping by this Sunday morning.

    Hello Martha,
    The trouble with this unpacking is the cantainer moved. It was just to heavy. I will return the plastic tubs to my friends, and just use boxes and plastic bags.

    Thank you for stopping by for a read.

  3. Nothing like the adventure of moving! I hate to even consider it, even though I know that eventually that time is coming!

    Looking forward to more pictures of the new R.V.

  4. Hi Jim,
    I know and I still have stuff in Tucson to put up from selling the motor home.
    I maybe have to set up on a corner somewhere to sell things off. :)

    Thanks for stopping by today Jim.