Sunday, July 15, 2012

It Rained?

This morning it was very cloudy and some time during the
 night it rained. And it was still very cloudy and you just
knew it was going to rain.

My friend Rob and I had made plans to go check out the
trailer and the new RV Park. So I picked him around 9 am
and off we went  so he could see what he needed to do to
move the trailer.

These 2 towns of Pinetop/Lakeside are very strangely set
 up. No matter what road you take you always seem to come back
out on White Mountain Blvd.

So on our way to see the new park, Rob gave me directions
to his possible new home. It is a really nice piece of property
and has a large fairly new double wide with a guest house
and garage, behind that is a very large shed. Next door is a
little lot he also bid on. The entire property is all fence and
has lots of trees. I hope it comes together for him.

While we were doing all this it would start to drizzle on and
off. We had laughed about my not hearing the rain last night.
Well when it started raining after we got back home and the
hail started he called to ask me if I could hear it. I was lucky
I could hear his voice on the phone it was so load. Well it
has rained all day today with lots of thunder and lightening.

It turned out to be a good day to pack. I got a lot done and
I need to get some bigger boxes for the rest of the clothes.

The start of the
hail and it got a
lot worse
 I figured it was time to cover the windshield so I missed the complete ground cover. It looked like it snowed

But then the rain really started coming down and washed away the hail. It looked like this all day. When it slowed down I tried to get Fred to go out. But as soon as we hit the ground down it came and Fred took off up the stairs. We finally got a walk in about 7:15 pm. The it came down again but at least Fred got to take
care of business.
Temp at this hour is 60 and calling for 54 tonight with a 50% chance of more thunder showers. And the same for tomorrow.


  1. I guess the threat of forest fires has lessened now that the monsoons have arrives. I admire Fred's control in being able to postpone his business until conditions are more to his liking. What a guy!!!

  2. Good morning John,
    Yes he is really good at holding isn't he. No threat of forest fires now I hope. I thought it would never stop raining. Seems even Tucson got it yesterday.

  3. I never thought I'd be jealous of hail?!?? We need rain so bad we'll take it in any form!

    Hey JoJo, take a picture of that Endeavor ok? :)

    Have a great week!