Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sale Final

Yesterday and today the weather was great. Cool breezes
some clouds. Late this afternoon we had sun showers.

I did more packing and cleaning. Patching holes. At 1:30
the new owners showed up and we signed off on the Tin
Can Cabin.

Took Fred for his shots and new license. When we came
out of the vet's office it was cloudy but nice. The closer
we came to Lakeside the wetter the ground got. We were
only home about 10 min. when it started to pour down rain.
But the sun was shining bright.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Bank, paying off the new 
Tin Can Cabin and the space in the new park. Going to
Wally world for a water hose and new sewer hose and cap.
Depending on Rob's work schedule he will bring the new
trailer either Friday afternoon or Sat. morning.

I am so ready for this move. So I can kick back and enjoy 
the rest of the summer.

Eric, didn't get a chance to take that picture for you yet.

Now I am tired so good night all.


  1. Congratulations on another step forward.

  2. Good morning John,
    Thank you John. I am really getting excited and want to get moving.

  3. JoJo - Congrats! Hope you had a good rest last night. :)


  4. Hello Erik,
    I did the stress of the final sale was really getting to me. I hope to be in my new to me trailer by this weekend. I have until the first so I have pleny of cleaning time.