Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Every Thing Sold Seperate?

I went to the RV Park to see what all I would need to set up.
When I bought Mom's Little Run Away every thing was
there. Even the chemicals for the black tank. OK so you
can't always get that lucky. When Rob and I went to check things
out  the trailer last weekend we found the water hose and it was
was pure nasty, and we could see the sewer hose but since
we didn't have gloves we didn't touch it. We didn't see
anything in the way of a closed cover for the sewer hose.

I went off to Wally world and bought a new water hose and
picked up a sewer hose also. OK now I see every stinkin
little piece needs to be bought separately. What racked they
have going.  Even the hose clamps have to be bought
separately,and the end pieces too. My friend Bruce said
some places sell a complete kit. I guess that would be my
most unfavorite store Camping World. They don't have one
of those up here. Will have to wait and see if the sewer
hose is any good before I take the new one out of the box.
And I forgot to pick up rubber gloves. I have a big box of
them in Tucson, won't help much here. I will run to
Walgreen's tomorrow.

Ran out of wine boxes today so I will have to wait to finish.
Rob said he can bring me boxes that will hold a little more.
But its been fun to hear all the comments about all my wine

Not much else to tell. So I guess I will head off to read
some blogs and see what all my blogger friends are up to.

Good Night


  1. Seems like you could produce more wine boxes just by increasing the consumption a bit. Glad things are coming together.

  2. Just not any fun getting thing things moved and set up! At least you'll soon be able to stop and enjoy it!

  3. Good morning John,
    My neighbors already think I'm a closet wino. hahha But almost done I think.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Jim my friend,
    Can't wait to be done. So I can get back to the fun stuff. I hear the fish calling my name at Silver Creek.

    So glad you stopped by today. Thank you.