Thursday, July 19, 2012

Great Storm Today

Woke up to heavy clouds that quickly burned off. And the
sun came out and it was a beautiful morning.

I wrote a letter and answered some e-mails and comments.
I took off so I could pay off the new to me trailer and was
getting ready to head off to the post office when Rob called.
He said he had boxes for me and to try to get write over.
So I went and picked up the boxes. He was kidding when he
said he had boxes.

I thought it was getting kind of dark and then heard the
rumble of thunder. I was getting closer and louder, with the
wind picking up. And then it hit. It was so nice and cool
which was a good thing because then off went the power.
It stayed off for maybe only 15 min. so it was back to work.

I pretty much spent the day packing and taking walks with
Fred. I still had lots of boxes when Rob called and said he
was going to bring more. OH NO! I have no more room for
anymore boxes. Then he broke his good news that he has
sold his place too. So there should be plenty of boxes for
both us. As I empty them out I will give them back to Rob.

I had defrosted some ground seasoned turkey to make a
turkey loaf. So I got all the ingredients together and oh oh
I packed the pan. I hadn't packed the pie pan so I  used that
Who said it has to be in a oblong pan. After it was done I
 portioned it out to freeze. OOPS! I packed all the plastic
containers. No problem I put the servings in freezer bags.

In a few days I may have to go buy Weight Watcher dinners
if I don't stop packing things to cook and eat with.

So here's wishing the trailer gets moved tomorrow as

Very tired for some reason. So Good Night sleep well.


  1. I remember the days of moving and living out of packed boxes. Makes for an interesting hunt when you need something that has been packed. Happy searching.

  2. Sounds like a confusing time, but moving is always that way!

    Good luck on getting it all settled!

  3. Hi John,
    I just got into packing and didn't think what I might still need. OH well I just won't cook anymore.

    Hi Jim.
    It is but I am almost there. All we need now it to move the trailer and I am set.

    Thanks for coming guys