Friday, July 20, 2012

Rainy Day Move

My day started at 6 am doing laundry, well bedding. Then
walked with Fred. Called the guy with the trailer and still
hadn't checked his account. Tried to tell me he was 3 hours
behind us in NY. Excuse me its 3 hours ahead. So I made
the bed while waiting for him to call. As soon as he called
 ran over there to get the title and headed to the place that
changes everything over . I headed home just as Rob was
getting home from work. He needed to go to the store. I
was happy for the break.

By 11:35 we headed to the lot to pick up the trailer. Things
that should have been fixed were not finished. What a place
don't know how he stays in business.

Just as Rob was hitching up it started to rain. When we
headed to the RV Park it stopped. But of course as Rob
started pulling in it started to pour. And it never stopped.
 We all got soaked through and through. We called it quits
for the day as the rain just wasn't going to let up. At least
its in its space and tomorrow we will finish the set up.

It never really stopped raining until about 6:30 pm. And it
is quite chilly.

I will hit Wally up early tomorrow morning for a set of
queen sheets and memory foam mattress and a few other
More tomorrow.

Just had to add these guys I noticed when I was going into the laundry. When I first spotted them they had their wings spread out catching the early morning warmth

Getting ready to leave the lot. You can see the beautiful blue sky of 6 am is gone.

Starting to pull into my new space

So are we in or what. It was really pouring down rain at this point

As I was driving home this is what the sky looked like. And that was the last blue that showed for the rest of the day.
I sure hope tomorrow will be nicer so we can get the hook up finished.

I am pretty well done in for this day.

You all have a safe weekend and enjoy.

Just started to thunder and lightening again.


  1. Just the idea of your moving turned a pretty day into rain. I hope you get a better day tomorrow to finish up the move.

  2. I think sometimes Mother Nature just laughs at us. :)

  3. Good morning John,
    sometimes I think there is always a gray sky over my head. So far it is a pretty morning hope it stays that way.

    Thanks as always for stopping by.

    Hi Judy and Emma.
    I could hear her loud and clear yesterday.
    Nice of you to stop by.

  4. Nothing is ever easy, is it? Hope you can get it all finished up soon!

  5. Well, buying sheets is a good sign. Now, Mother Nature, bring on the good weather. Patience, JOJO.

  6. Hi Jim,
    No nothing is at the begining but it will be worth it when I,m done.

    So glad you stopped by today my Friend.

    Hello Nancy,

    Well at least she held out this morning. Patience isnt best side but I am trying.

    Thanks for coming.