Saturday, July 21, 2012

Set Up Complete

Woke up at 3:30  this morning and just couldn't fall back to
sleep. I think it was all the mess around here. I hate clutter.
And there was piles of stuff everywhere.  I finally gave up
trying to go back to sleep around 5. Turned on the coffee
maker and got ready for the day. Fred and I took  a walk
and then I came back and enjoyed my coffee.

Headed out the door a few times and had to come back for
things I kept forgetting. As I pulled into the park Steve who
is the owner manager was walking to the dumpster. We
later met at my trailer which needed to be straightened out
and leveled. We talked about what needed to be done. A
neighbor offered to use his truck. And I headed out to get
some breakfast and another hose.

When I came back all was done and then I started to work
on the water hose and sewer hose connections. After all that
was set it was time to open the slide. It wouldn't work.
Bruce, my neighbor went out and checked the electric and
said it was fine. But still no slide. I  looked at the microwave
and it was off. Bruce went back out and bingo electric.
Helps to flip the switch. Discovered a leak in the sink
sprayer but couldn't figure out why. Steve had come in and
he had a plumber with him. He immediately found a hair line
crack. Oh OK now I will take it with me to HD tomorrow
to get a replacement. Also one of the propane tanks leaks so
the guy will come and change it out on Wed.

By now it was 11:30 and I needed to come back home and
take Fred for a walk and get the vacuum cleaner.

Then the real cleaning got under way. But it is all clean
now. When I got home Liz came by and we loaded up her
car.  Tomorrow morning I will do the HD and Wally. Liz
will be going to lunch with friends and then bring the stuff
over and  I will start putting things away.

So now that the bedroom here is cleaned out of all the junk
I will sleep well I hope.

Good Night All.
OH and as soon as they finished all the straightening out it
started raining again.


  1. Getting the day started at 3 am should make you healthy, wealthy and wise...and darn tired late in the afternoon.

  2. Wow, things have changed while I've been broken down with no internet!! I've got to read backwards to catch up with you -- but congrats!!

  3. Hi John,
    Yes and I kept pushing on. But it was worth it to get so much done.

    Glad to see you here as always.

    Hi Cyn,
    welcome back.
    Yes lots of changes and they all happened faster that I expected.


  4. Yes, it's going to take me a bit to catch up too! I also hate clutter and talk about a small space to keep uncluttered! Homer is a real challenge ... ;)