Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tired You Say

I am to old for this kind of stuff. My body is screaming
Enough already.

Had a slight problem with a water leak. Seems when
they (who ever they were)cut the carpet they nicked the
water line. Luckily the guy who doe's work for the
owners was there today and he had it fixed in no time for
under $45. Now all I have to do is wait for the carpet to
dry and I can set up the bedroom. With all this rain we are
having I don't know how long that will take. But I won't
complain about the rain.

Have made great progress today. Bought blinds this
morning. Missed one and couldn't get anybody to cut one.
Hung all but 2. My Friend Liz brought Fred over and we
took all the boxes out of her car. I unpacked them all.

I just got to tired and a storm was moving in so I closed
up around 5 pm. As soon as we got home I walked Fred.
I jumped in the shower and got out just as the lightening
started. And then came the rain and hail. Lost power for a
few minutes. It is still raining.

Maybe by tomorrow I will be done enough to take some

Until then have a good night. Hope you all had a great


  1. Imagine the relaxation after you're all moved in! Hopefully everything works out quickly! Have fun!


  2. I'll send you a copy of my schedule and maybe you can adapt it for a few days to catch some rest.

  3. Hello Erik,
    I keep looking forward to the finished product.
    Thanks for you encouragement.

    Hi John,
    Please rush your schedule over I need it.
    And thanks for stopping by

  4. Guess it's true that a woman's work is just never done!

    At least you are getting some rain, right? Better than it was...!

  5. Hello Jim,
    It is true our work is never done. But I am getting there.

    Lot and Lots of rain. But its a good thing.
    Thanks for stopping by today.