Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sleeping in the New Place

Rained on and off all day. So I just gave up trying to look
like a real person. For some reason my hair just had to come
to a peak right in the middle of my head. Of course I had a
hat with me but who remembered to wear it?

I got lots of stuff moved and put away today. But there is
still lots to do. I am spending the night here as I am to tired
to run back again and I stripped the bed and washed
everything. I made up this bed today so I will just sleep

Hope to get my desk here tomorrow. And buy a shed Thur.
so I can finish moving things

But for now I am saying good night.


  1. One step closer to being moved in.

  2. Hope after all you are doing you will be very happy in your new home..It sounds like you like it immaculate and cozey, hope it keeps warmer for a little more time since you will be living there full time right? right! Congratulations upon your new home purchase, know you will get it to be the way you want it & cozey immediately..have a great summer...

  3. Good morning John,

    I sure hope to get it done by tomorrow.

    Glad you stopped by today.

    Hi Anon,
    No I will not love here full time. I will go back to Tucson in Oct. I don't like snow. But I do like cozy.

    Nice of you to stop in this morning.