Sunday, August 19, 2012


Today started out beautiful again today. Chilly but sunny.
So we went for out walk and as soon as I saw the manager
walking around I new the laundry was open. By 8 am I had
to loads folded and put away. I seem to do a lot more
laundry these days. I would have had another load but ran
out of quarters.

Today was the managers birthday so we all were invited for
cake and ice cream. While we all sat around I heard there
had been a bear in the park the other day. While Ron was
working he said he saw something but didn't give it a
thought as he figured someone was just walking by. His
wife almost hit it as she was driving into the park. So I
guess its time to start carrying some spray while walking
with Fred from now on.

Of course we had a storm come in about 1 pm but it didn't
last to long and then the sun came out again.

But the best part of the day was sun rise



  1. Wasp spray works as a bear deterrent and shoots farther.

  2. pretty pictures.. I can remember when I was young ... the only time I saw the sun rise was when I came rolling in to take a shower to go to work...

    Not until I got older did I realize ... mornings are really beautiful!!!

    Glad I lived long enough to know that ;)

  3. Hi John,
    Yes that was something I learned when I joined a womens group way back when.
    I tell everyone about it. Just wish it came in smaller cans.

    Have a wonderful day.

    Hi Carolyn,

    When I first moved to Tucson we would ride up to Gates Pass for the sun set and stay for sun rises. It was so beautiful. Now because of the abuse of the land it is no longer allowed. Yes you can still go to it but you can't stay.

    I'm so happy you are doing what makes you happy now at least.

    Thanks for stopping by.