Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More Cleaning Out

Today was a cleaning up and out day.

I had one of those 3 drawer plastic things next to the
desk and it took up way to much room. Two drawers
were full of yarn and the third one had matting and
photo paper and lots of garbage. But it was holding
the printer. So I took some measurements and went to
the Family Dollar Store to find a smaller piece.

I put all the yarn in a plastic bag and stuck in a storage
compartment. Which allowed me to remove the larger
plastic drawer. Of course now I have no idea what to do
with it so it is out on the patio. Maybe some one can use
it here in the park.

I rearranged everything and did a good cleaning. I even
spray polished the all wood in the trailer. What a difference
that made in the look of the wood.

While I was out buying the drawers I also dropped off a bag
of donations and then had the car washed.

Had my first BBQ since moving here. Boy was that good.

Thought I would post a few more pictures from Sunrise
and Greer

I love these trees and look how dense they are.
 This is just about where the fire stopped

This was a very large tree the rest is in
the next picture

Good Night All


  1. With all that energy, if you run out of things to clean consider dropping by my place. Sleep well.

  2. Boy, JoJo, I wish I could move like you and had half your energy! What did you use on the wood?

  3. Good morning John,
    I am very ready to run out of things to do. So when I get this place finished I wont be looking anywhere else for work. Sorry :)

    But as always it was nice of you to stop by.

    Hello Nancy,

    Believe me I do not move all that well and I really don't have much energy either. But I thought the wood looked shaby and dirty.
    The polish is called DG Everyday I have no idea where I bought it. It could have been Walmart or a dollar store. It is furniture polish with a lemon scent. I did a really nice job.
    Glad you stopped by Thank You

  4. Taking a look at the woods & trees somehow made me feel a little cooler.
    What would we do without the Dollar Store?? I have no idea how to survive without it...did you squish the air out of your yarn bags? That really seems to work well.

  5. Hi Cyn,
    Don't have those bags. But it is a good idea. May have to pick some up. Have lots of stuff to take home in Oct. and will need the room in the car.
    Thanks for the reminder on the bags.
    Yes the Dollar Store is quite a saver. haha