Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lets See If This Post Works

So I will give this a try again if this gets messed up
I will be taking some blog vacation.

I had to go to Wally world today. Talk about a thin wallet.
And I have lots of birthdays coming up this month
and next and until Christmas actually.

Since everything is so much smaller especially the
bedroom its be hard to even read in bed. In the motor home
there was even less room. My friend found this pocket type
thing. It looked like a shoe holder but it was not. Anyway
it's in Tucson. I thought about a shelf but new that wouldn't
work and could cause some head injuries I'm, sure while
making the bed. Today I found something similar in the
RV section at Wally world.  It worked out great and found
another use for it too.

I painted the patch work I did on the walls after removing
all the left over hardware from old blinds and things that the
girl painted over before me. And some new holes I made
trying to hang new blinds.

Did more work on the shed and got rid of more stuff.
Tomorrow I will drop off donations.

The book I am reading is larger than most so this worked out well

There wasn't any place to keep earrings either so I have been wearing the same ones all the time.

Since all the pictures got messed up yesterday I will
put some back up again 

That dead branch is really off this tree it was
very weird

As I was showing Liz how the fire jumped from
tree to tree and some didn't burn, I spotted this guy
just eating. He was ready to run if need be.

This flower was on the other side of the fence.
I stuck the lens through the chain link fence.

So it looks good so far, lets see what happens when I


  1. Well, I came on to say you were in business, JoJo, then I messed up by enlarging your yellow flower picture and poof--off went my comment. The storage thing-a-ma-jig looks like a really good space saver. Funny how we can live with so little, yet we collect so much.

  2. The post came through fine. Glad to see your starting to fine tune you new home.

  3. Looks like that bag will work better than a shelf.

  4. Hello Nancy,
    Sorry you couldn't enlarge the photo. It sure is a pretty flower.
    And yes it is amazing how litte we really need to live.

    Thanks for coming by today.

    Hi John,
    Yes the fine tuning is helping me to have more space and its working out just fine.

    Happy you stopped by Thanks

    Hello Judy,

    Yes the wall thing works great. And has lots more uses than a shelf would.

    Thank you for the visit today.

  5. When we started fulltiming I ditched my heavy jewerly box. I use, instead, one of those little plastic boxes that have small sections like crafters use for beads, etc. Works perfectly.

  6. Pretty pictures ;) ... I have hanging pocket things. I mean.. they well, hang ... hahaaa... being in my van, I have verrrry limited space so hanging three pocket/shoe bag guys ... one with my face/teeth stuff .. one with my jewels and one with hair and miscellaneous stuff.

    that really makes sense doesn't... what I'm saying is ... those pocket things are the bomb!


  7. Hi Phyllis,
    I have one of those that I bought for jewerly and in the end it got used for beads. :)

    Thanks for coming.

    Hey Carolyn,
    Yes they are the bomb. I love them and they take up so little room but hold lots of stuff.

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  8. Cool find on the organizer thingy. I have two of a different kind. One holds my dogs collars, leashes & such. The other holds mail, remote controls, etc. They are great!