Monday, August 13, 2012

Exploring Day

Today Liz and I went exploring. Liz had not seen
some of the  great places around here. So we headed out
this morning and our first place was Sunrise and a little
farther down and found a new place where you can park
and either take some trails or go stream fishing. And that's 
when I spotted this 

I first spotted him flying around and thought I saw that long neck. I was facing into the sun so we have a dark picture

This the Little Colorado I don't know why it is so shallow at this point with all the rain

How's this for a root. But it sure isn't very deep


This was the weirdest tree branch I have every seen
OK so blogger is being a pain in the
neck tonight so I will post the rest tomorrow.


  1. Fun day and great pictures, thanks.

  2. Hi John,
    I don't know what you are seeing on the blog. I am seeing a scramble of pictures and words. I should have deleted the post.
    I hope you are seeing differently.
    Thanks for stopping by today.