Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things I found amusing today

I went to Lowe's today with Bruce to pick up a 10'
piece of gutter to put under the sewer hose and a few
blocks. It looks better and at least now it is angle right for
better drainage. I also picked up  extra block to level the left
right front side of the trailer. The stabilizer jack is broken and
won't come down. You can see they must have forgotten to
pick it up and drove off. Another neighbor Keith will jack
up the trailer when he comes back up next week.

I patched some screw holes and Tue. I will paint over the

It was very quiet here today, as some of the people went
down to the valley for a few days leaving only a hand full
of us in the park.

I was looking out over the meadow as I thought I saw
horses  way out there the other day and spotted this
cabin hidden in the trees.

I found this lone flower coming up at the end of the park

My neighbors have some really nice flowers

A female Rufus out at my back feeder

This one is on the feeder in front of my place

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend


  1. Loved the flower photos. I've tried to photograph hummingbirds, but they are too fast for my camera. Glad you caught a couple!

    And the cabin hidden in the woods is intriguing. Makes me want to know more about the person who chose to build there. :)

  2. The flowers sure looked pretty and the shots of the birds were sharp.

  3. Good morning tinycamper,
    Taking humming birds is hard. Your camera needs to be on and ready. I focused on the feeder and hoped the birds would come. Rufas are much more tolerant of slight movement that other breeds. And if they want a drink they are going to drink. :) Yes the cabin in the woods is so secret.

    Thank you for your wonderful comments and stopping by.

    Hello John,

    I love everyones flowers. Mine are getting better and maybe will survive the rest of the season. They get more sun here but not so much to kill them off. The birds take lots of patience. I don't have much of that, but I got lucky.

    Thanks for coming by for a read.

  4. REally pretty photos today! :-)