Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nature Center

I went to the Nature Center this morning. They were going
to have birds of pray and the man got sick. But a few others
jumped in to help and drove all the way from Phx. I don't
know why the pictures didn't come out very well. They
seemed fine when I took them, but once they were
downloaded they were very dark.

I got there early and walked around the grounds some and
found some pretty wild flowers.

These flowers or weeds are not listed for some reason.

Rocky Mountain Iris as you can see there are fields of them

The red are scarlet Beard tongue.  Yellow ones could be  Monkey  flower or any number of things

I can't find this one either but it is a ground cover and the flowers are very tiny

Kookaburra, boy can he make a racket.

Green Tail Macaw, his colors are so beautiful, head is bright red. They have a thousands pounds of pressure in that beak

African Pygmy Hedgehog. I wish the girl wouldn't have been moving so fast. It was really hard to get clear pictures.

American Kestrel or Sparrow Hawk. This is a female. I once had a male on my porch railing in Tucson. The male has more colors of blue. I was thrilled to see him there until I realized he was taring apart a bird. I know nature at its best.

Kinkachew or another name is Honey Bear. He has a 7 in tongue and he showed it to us.

We all know what this beauty is.
They put on a great show and drove a long way to get here and then had a long drive back afterwards.

This little guy is actually full grown. He lives in a rehab center and can never be put back into the wild as he was hit by a car and has severe injuries and is blind in one eye.

Another severally injured owl that was hit by a
car and is also blind. He had terrible head injuries

Since they are nocturnal animals car
 headlights blind them. They must be hand fed since they can
no longer find their own food.

All in all it was very interesting and great day.
Hope you had a great day also


  1. Sounds like a real neat show. I really enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Good morning John,

    Thanks it was really educational and the kids enjoyed it too.

  3. Nature sure does come up with some beautiful animals, doesn't She?

    Thanks for sharing these pics with us, sweetie!

  4. I enjoyed your pictures, Jo. Especially the birds.

  5. Hi Jim.

    yes mother nature sure does give us some beautiful things to look at. To bad not everyone understand that.

    Thanks for coming by today. :)

    Hello tinycamper,

    Glad you enjoyed the birds. They sure are beautiful up close.

    Thanks for stopping by for a look.