Monday, August 27, 2012

Short Day but Enjoyable

I ran over to Big Lots today for the flannel sheets. No Luck.
So I wandered around the store looking at stuff.

I bought a valance for the little kitchen window. Nothing
fancy just a valance. And a pair of slippers that actually fit.

While I was wandering around I called my neighbor to ask
a questions about the pot luck. She told me Liz was at my
house and was walking Fred. So I headed home and we
went to lunch and made plans for and adventure  we will
go on Wed., since the sun is supposed to shine and no rain.
Yes it rained today. But it was a short rain.
I also fixed the out door shower door. I didn't get any keys
to any of the outside storage doors. Bruce next door tried
his and they worked for all the doors but that one. So I had
Ron remove it the day he was looking for the leak. I finally
 bought a replacement with out a key. No need for a lock.
 Bruce had some extra keys made so we both have a set.

Good Night All


  1. You need to get those googly eye things you paste on to your slippers ... I made some earrings out of some ... It's fun looking down at your feet and they're smiling backatcha ... LOok in the mirror and your ears are too ...

  2. You can spray those slippers with Pledge and clean the floors as you walk around. Won't that be fun?

  3. Can't imagine the amount of dog hair those slippers would pick up if I had a pair in the rig. :)

  4. Good Morning Carolyn,

    I'll have to look for those. I know I won't find them up here but when I get back to Tucson. Those would be fun.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi John,

    Oh sure, it would be a blast. But not much hard flooring in here nostly carpet.

    Thanks for the tip though and for stopping by.

    Hello Judy and Emma,

    I didn't think Emma would shed that bad. Of course I didn't think Fred did either but boy he sure does. But it is so short it takes a lot to notice.

    Thanks for stopping by today

  5. The slippers look pretty comfortable! Does Fred get a pair?

    I like the idea of some eyes on them!

  6. Hi Jim,
    They are really comfy and I am sure will nice and warm too. As for Fred no I don't think he will wear them to fem for him. hahaha

    Nice of you to stop by today Thanks.